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June 13 – Marriage of Nicole and Steven, in Benitachell

June 24 – Marriage of Estelle and Derek, in Jávea


January 16 – Renewal of Vows by Carminda and Leon, in Jávea

May 08 – Marriage of Ree and Neil in Jávea Port

May 21 – Marriage of Sandi and Mark in Jávea Port

May 29 – Marriage of Jane and Richard in Jávea church

September 17 – Marriage of Lorraine and Richard

October 24 – Marriage of Jackie and Andrew in Jávea Port


March 2 – Marriage of Marcella and Lee in Jávea

March 29 – Marriage of Joanne and Darryn in Jávea

June 29 – Marriage of Joan and David in Jávea

August 25 – Marriage of Danielle and Darren in Jávea

September 10 – Marriage of Claire and Paul in Jávea

October 9 – Marriage of Judith and Tony in Jávea


September 5 – Marriage of Rachel and Darren in Lliber


February 14 – Marriage of Joyce and Russell in Jávea

May 31 – Marriage of Patricia and Alfred in Jávea

May 31 – Marriage of Tessa and Casey


June 3 – Marriage of Clare and Tony in Jávea

August 1 – Marriage of Julia and Stuart in Jávea

September 25 – Marriage of Miranda and Matthew in Finestrat

October 17 – Marriage of Kelly and Harry

December 18 – Marriage of Liliana and Jan in Moraira

March 5 – Marriage of Charlotte and Grant at the Marriott Hotel

April 30 – Marriage of Ramona and Trevor in Jávea

July 23 – Marriage of Christine and Stephen in Jávea\’s El Rodat

July 31 – Marriage of Natalie and Spencer in Calpe

September 12 – Marriage of Dawn and Paul at El Rodat, Jávea

October 17 – Marriage of Annabel and Peter in Jávea

October 29 – Marriage of Claire and Mark in Moraira

December 3 – Renewal of Vows on 50th Anniversary of Jean and Bryan


March 25 – Marriage of Leigh-Ann and Joseph in Port Church

April 29 – Marriage of Emma and Liam in Ibiza

June 17 – Marriage of Angelina to John in Jávea

September 16 – Marriage of Lirika and Neil in Calpe

September 23 – Marriage of Poppy and Lee in Denia

October 7 – Marriage of Lorraine and Becktash


May 18 – Marriage of Natalia and Anthony at Marriott Hotel

May 31 – Marriage of Catherine and Gary in Jávea Parador

June 1 – Marriage of Pam & George at Jávea Parador

June 8 – Marriage of Daniela and Geoffrey in Port Church

June 15 – Marriage of Kerry & Barry in Jávea Parador Hotel

June 15 – Renewal of Vows by Helen and George in Moraira

June 16 – Marriage of Linda and Terry in Lliber

June 23 – Marriage of Alexandra and Paul in Jávea Parador

July 26 – Marriage of Sadie and Dominic in Moraira

August 5 – Marriage of Gabriela and Gary in Jávea

August 25 – Marriage of Joanna and Dean in Moraira

September 22 – Marriage of Anna and Matthew in Moraira

October 27 – Marriage of Dorothy and Tony in Calpe


May 10 – Marriage of Lisa and Andrew in Jávea Parador

June 7 – Marriage of Emma and Dean in Jávea Parador

June 17 – Marriage of Tracey and Peter at Villa Sundance

June 25 – Marriage of Emma and Neil in Moraira

June 27 – Marriage of Samantha and Alan at Marriott Hotel

August 27 – Marriage of Hilary and Trevor in Cumbre del Sol

August 29 – Marriage of Kim and Paul at Marriott Hotel

September 12 – Marriage of Jemma and Andrew in Denia

September 13 – Marriage of Charlotte and Guy in Jávea Parador

September 20 – Marriage of Rachael and Josef in Villa Sundance


June 26 – Marriage of Lianna and Gareth in Moraira

June 27 – Marriage of Angela and Andrew in Lliber

July 2 – Marriage of Rebecca and Gordon in Moraira SH

July 18 – Marriage of Susan and Paul at their La Plana villa

July 26 – 40th Renewal of Voes by Margaret and Peter

August 27 – Marriage of Linda and George in Benissa

September 10 – Marriage of Lerisha and Jasper in Santa Pola

September 12 – Marriage of Lauren and David in Villa Sundance

September 12 – Marriage of Joanne and Xavier at Marriott Hotel

September 12 – Marriage of Julie and Dean, Pueblo Blanca, Calpe

September 15 – Marriage of Evelyn and Paul in Benidorm

October 22 – Marriage of Ann and Robert in Moraira

November 14 – Marriage of Julie and Stephen in Benidorm


May 2 – Marriage of Emily and Jack at Costa Nova villa

May 10 – Renewal of Vows, of Carol and Brian in Benidorm

May 30 – Marriage of Angela and Hugh in Denia

June 4 – Marriage of Rebecca and Daniel on the beach at Puerto Blanco

June 13 – Marriage of Carrie and Glen at Salon El Canor, Teulada

June 15 – Marriage of Lisa and Kelvin at Rte, Republic, Denia

June 18 – Marriage of Lauren and Shaun at Rte Carrasco, Jávea

June 22 – Marriage of Verity and Roy at \’Palm View\’ Jávea

June 25 – Marriage of Sandra and Paul in Jávea

June 27 – Marriage of Joanne and James at Moraira Swiss Hotel

July 3 – Marriage of Jennifer and David in Mastre, inland of Valencia

July 10 – Marriage of Sharon and Kevin in Benidorm Gospel Church

July 24 – Marriage of Victoria and Stuart in La Nucia

August 28 – Marriage of Malcolm and Gill in Rte. El Elefante

August 30 – Marriage of Karen and John in Pedreguer Villa

September 6 – Marriage in Altea for Dream Weddings

October 1 – Marriage of Karen and Guy in Altea


May 8 – Co-Consecrator of Bishop Jeronimo Ripoll Ronda, Altea

May 15 – Marriage of Aimee Mckessy and Gerard McGill, Jávea

May 30 – Marriage of Sylvia Teresa Clapka and Mark Steven White, Jávea

June 25 – Marriage of Kathryn Lewsley and Daniel Boucher, Gata de Gorgos

June 20 – Marriage of Kelly Sadler and Johnathan Ward, La Embajada, Valencia

August 11 – Marriage of Christine Mitchell and Martin Bottrill, Castell de Castells

September 7 – Marriage of Sara Cristina Moran and Kyle Lewis Hutchings, Moraira Castle

September 15 – Renewal of Vows: Ivette and Baron Brown, on the beach, Valencia

September 23 – Marriage of Victoria Louise Acres and Miles Felton Turner, Hotel Les Rotes, Denia

October 6 – Marriage of Monika Piotrowska and Howard Kristin Payne, Venta La Chata

October 8 – Marriage of Karron Eubank and Kristian Meadows, Moraira Castle


May 16 – Marriage of Natasha Ann Boyle and Michael Elkanah Butcher, Palm Villa, Jávea

May 28 – Marriage of Shelley Marie Cullen and Peter Darren Nicholson, Rte. L\’Escute, Jávea

June 3 – Marriage of Emma Irene Saunders and Scott Rintoul McLean, Finca Rl Poblets, Denia

June 16 – Marriage of Carly Boner and Kris MacDonald, Villa Adsubia, Jávea

July 1 – Marriage of Sophie Elizabeth Crichton and Jamie Alan Turner, Benidorm

July 7 – Marriage of Erica Adele Ramdhanie and Alan Rogers, Hotel Meridional, Guardamar

July 20 – Renewal of Vows of Michelle and Michael Allerton, Benidorm

August 7 – Marriage of Gabriella Alexander Passe and Shimshon Shalom Cohen, Villa Montgo, Jávea

August 31 – Marriage of Louise Elizabeth Campbell and Richard William Cropper, Venta La Chata

September 3 – Marriage of Emma Major and Chris Mudge, Moraira Castle

September 5 – Renewal of Vows: Erin Marie and Fernando Banales, Hotel Montiboli, Villajoyosa

September 6 – Renewal of Vows: Alice Elizabeth and Daryl Naylor, Benidorm

September 18 – Renewal of Vows: Susan and Jamie Naisbitt, Hotel Regente, Benidorm

September 22 – Marriage of Tanya Ellett and Stephen Thorndick, La Isla, Moraira

September 23 – Baptism by Total Immersion of Eileen Oxley, Las Laderas, Jávea

September 28 – Marriage of Emma Louise Berriman and Christopher James Lidgitt, Hotel Les Rotes, Denia

October 6 – Marriage of Angela Walbran and Mark Carter, Finca Fabiola, Finestrat

October 6 – Renewal of Vows: Theresa and Eric Stewart, Benidorm

October 14 – Renewal of Vows: Patricia and Willem van Zoelen in The Christian Centre, Jávea


January 23 – Christening of Luke and Ruby Tinning, The Christian Centre, Jávea

April 23 – Marriage of Denise Ann Asandrov and Christopher Bondy, Hotel Sol y Mar, Calpe

May 2 – Marriage of Aimee Jargas and Johnathan Hewitt on the beach in Calpe

May 25 – Marriage of Joanne Ayre and Matthew George Ward, \’El Rodat\’ Jávea

May 27 – Marriage of Hayley Williams and Edward Fawcett, \’La Plantación\’. Finestrat

May 29 – Marriage of Trina Ann Acton and Philip Donald Armson, Villa Orquida, Jávea

June 7 – Marriage of Joanne Elizabeth Reed and Benjamin Graham Rusby, Hotel Les Rotes, Denia

June 9 – Marriage of Sophie Kitcher and Thomas Cox, Hotel Melia Villaitana, Finestrat

June 29 – Marriage of Marta Lorente Bordalo and Sidney Gwira, The Paradore, Jávea

July 1 – Marriage of Katy Louise Morgan and Andrew James Pike, Cafe del Mar, Moraira

August 15 – Renewal of Vows: Claire and Christopher Dunn, Benidorm

August 20 – Marriage of Louise Kilburn and Richard Mullaney, Villa Orquida, Jávea

August 23 – Renewal of Vows: Marcela and Shaun Sands, Teulada

August 23 – Marriage of Francesca Nethercott and Lee Stuart Parks, Villa Limone, Moraira

August 25 – Marriage of Emily Jane Howell and Gregory John Lunn, Moraira Castle

September 6 – Marriage of Laura Anne Tuhey and Thomas Roger Gates, Venta La Chata

September 13 – Marriage of Dawn Seacroft and David Close, Puerto Blanco, Calpe

September 20 – Marriage of Hannah Louise Lyons and David William Holloway, Moraira Castle

September 27 – Marriage of Margaret Mary McGowan and Charles Edward Flannery, Hotel MedPlaya

October 5 – Ceremony of Commitment of Veronica Villareal and Rolando Mercado, Hotel Confortel

October 6 – Marriage of Jennifer Heywood and Daniel Massey, \’La Plantación\’. Finestrat

November 3 – Recognition of Godparents to Jennifer May Diana Brown, Jávea

November 28 – Consecration of Fr, Luthando Zindi and Fr. Felize Koliti as Bishops of the Port Elizabeth Diocese  of the Umzi Wase Tiyopiya Traditional Rite Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Jan 7 – Marriage in Jávea of David and Maureen

May 8 – Marriage in Valencia of Alverlancia and Gavin

May 28 – Renewal of Wedding Vows in Benidorm for Eva and David

July 22 – Marriage in Gata de Gorgos of Emma and Peter

July 26 – Marriage at Jávea Parador of Louise and Mark

Sept 20 – Marriage in Altrea of Lucy and Dan

Sept 28 – Ordination as Priest in Javea of Julio Isidoro Martinez de la Madrid


March 7 – Renewal of Marriage vows on 25th Anniversary by Yvonne and Michael in Benidorm

May 1 – Ceremony of Marriage of Sam and Stuart in LH Hotel, Denia

June 14 – Renewal of Vows on 25th Wedding Anniversary of Karen and David at Hotel Don Pancho, Benidorm

June 23 – Attended Central Synagogue Madrid as one of the Guests of Honour to hear Jews pledge support against persecution of Christians for their faith.

July 9 – Ceremony of Marriage of Elaine and Robin at Mountain Retreat, Finestrat.

July 11 – Ceremony of Marriage for Natasha and Robin at Monasteria de Santa Eulalia, Totana.

August 28 – Ceremony of Marriage of Rose and Ben in Altea.

August 29 – Ceremony of Marriage of Victoria and Alex at Denia

September 5 – Ceremony of Marriage of Hana and Ian in Campello

September 8 – Ceremony of Marriage of Sabrina and Nick in Beniarbeig,

September 12 – Ceremony of Marriage of Gareth and Helen in Parcent

October 12 – Ceremony of Marriage of Amanda and Evan at Benissa

October 15 – Thanksgiving Service for the life of Marjorie Gardner

October 26 – Thanksgiving Service for the life of Joyce Greaves

October 30 – Thanksgiving Service for the life of Sam Pettis

October 30 – Commitment Ceremony for Kim and Vince in Jávea

October 2   –  Thanksgiving Service for the life of Mike Oldfield

October 18 –  Thanksgiving Celebration for the life of Peter Mitchell-King


February 1 – Thanksgiving Celebration for the life of Keith Mitchelmore

February 2 – Thanksgiving Celebration for the life of John Pardoe

February 4 – Thanksgiving Celebration for the life of Colin West

February 25 – Thanksgiving Celebration for Joe Lyons. AFM

March 29 – Renewal of Vows in Benidorm by Hilary and Paul

April 19 – Thanksgiving Celebration for \’Taffy\’ Hughes

April 20 – Thanksgiving Celebration for Penny Deacon

April 22 – Thanksgiving Celebration for Sheila Guillian

April 23 – Wedding Blessing for P J and Lin Mills, Jávea

June 17th – Marriage Ceremony for Claire and W. Stuart Beaumont at \’La Plantacion\’ Finestrat

July 2nd – Marriage Ceremony for Diane Wilkinson and Peter Ellis at Salon El Canor, Teulada

July 9th – Marriage Ceremony for Bridget Daly and David Mulkerrins at La Marina Hotel, Benidorm.

September 10 – Marriage Ceremony for Amanda Theeuwen and Robert Victor Brown in Altea

September 10 – Marriage Ceremony for Kristen Pippett and Matt Wilson in Altea

September 23 – Marriage Ceremony for Diane Riley and Gary Coburn at Sun Palace, Albir

October 17 – Marriage Ceremony for Amy Hawkins and James Stephens at Moraira Castle.


August 12 – Marriage Ceremony of Honey and Ben Watkiss at Castell de Castell